Friday, March 18, 2011

Weblog and its healing power for psychological problems

Writing is a most important one to all of us especially for students. Whatever may be students are writing each and everyday. except the school purpose the students are writing essays and articles. when he starts writing his thinking skill is begin to develop. In order to improve the writing skill , he need to be a critical reader first. Reading newspapers, magazines, and books helps us to write well. Writing is nothing but the ability to represent ourself well on the paper. He should be more attentive to the importance of the quality of the presentation of his written work. Writing is an another model of communication.

Information technology gives us the facility to communicate via mail, chat, disscusion groups and blogs. Blog is webpage maintaining by an individuals to update regularly, it allows people with little or no technical background. Daily entries are displayed reverse or chronologica order. Blog is an online journal or online diary. In a general sense, blogs are represents the personality and reflects the attitude of the author. The author of a blog is called as blogger.

The content of the blog shows who you are as a person. It makes your thinking visible.Blog helps others give you feedback or comments. Through that one can realise and refine his ideas. It promotes our ability to pose worthwhile questions.

blogging is expression of thoughts, ideas, opinions, or suggesstions. Usually we share our thoughts with our best friends. Sometimes it's difficult to get a faithful friend. Inhibited thoughts may develop psychological problems. We need to open it to anyone or otherwise to God. The reliability of both God or friend depends upon our mind. Blogging is a online journal, reflecting our ideas in the blog would give refreshment. Research says, the anxiety level reduced when we express our thoughts in the form of writing. The past posts of blog is become reference for your own observation of the level of changing your mental health. Through comments you may get new idea of thinking. It give another branch of writing. Whatever you wants to write, you write and see your peace of mind. definetly, you can feel the change. Simply keeping things in mind is like a stagnant water, within week its starts to give smell. The same way if it is negative feeling your mind get stick with psychological problem. That felling has to come out as form of blog and have the habit of writing if you are having worries or happiness, compare the difference in your blog of both feeling and analyse your mind how it get depressed. You will become optimized when you blog often. Then Psychologist may be optional for your problems. Write more and get recognised.

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