Sunday, May 8, 2011

Internet Research Activities

After entering into research life, a research scholar is doing many activities in internet. Especially Searching, downloading, subscribing, sharing, communicating and reading online journals in the internet. Here, I have listed out the internet activities of a research scholar

As a research scholar would like to search
• information about research topics, research articles
• research related websites, blogs, research forums, groups, pictures,
videos, audiobook
• other university library for research purpose
• conference and seminar, training and workshop about your research
• ongoing research projects of your research area in other university
• fellowships and other scholarships for ur research program
• research funding agencies
• research institutions where the same research of urs is going
• information about other researchers who has done very good research in ur
research area
• post doctorate program
• information to crack password to find materials for ur research work
• interviews with great researchers
• research related online radio, video programs, and other online live
• information on social bookmarking, social cataloging
• research related games

Research scholars can

• post questions in online forums
• post and discuss research topics in ur research groups,
• discuss with blog authors through their blogs,
• have ur own weblog, website, online research forum, research groups.
• Communicate by E-mail, online chatting, instant messaging, social software,
video chat, blog, Forums

Researchers can subscribe
• Newsletters, online journals, research blogs, online research news &
• research Software, recent thesis details, RSS feeds about ur research,
online research library
• seminars & conference alerts, online coaching clubs and online communities

They can read
• Research related blog, articles, forums, groups, online research,
newspapers & magazines, and other information.

They also download
• Research articles, e-books, audiobooks, e-magazines, research software,
research dictionaries
• Video files, research related search engine, and other research information
• E-learning course books

Researchers can share
• research ideas and results with other researcher’s through online, to the
wiki’s, to other websites
• Ur material, and other research related information if anybody asks through
• answers to internet forums, groups, blogs and other mailing lists.

These are the important research activities of a research student who wants to complete their research projects effectivly with the help of internet.