Friday, March 18, 2011

Psychology of blogging

Blogging makes people more thoughtful and articulate observers of the world around them. Even the lay man become an expert when he start and continues his blog. we should not dump things in our mind, It is to be blank slate and everything has to be expressed. Learning is a continuous process, we can learn more when our mind is free. Thinking, creativity and writing is improving when we blog regularly. The idea which expressed in blog is having some uniqueness. No one can express the same concept of others. Psychology is the study of mind and Blog is the expressions of mind. Everyone is aiming to get a relaxed mind. learn more, do blog and be relax.

Communication is a vital part of human behavior. Humans need to communicate with one another to establish proper socialization and maintain good relationships. Communicating takes several forms. Speaking, writing, E-mail, letter etc. Here, writing is regarded as the best and reliable, valid source because it is a record of one's work. Anything in "black and white" can be preserved, field and used easily for releavence. Even copies can be taken to maintaining the records. The best way to communicate is no doubt about writing, and if it is done in the internet it become visible to all. Writing in the Internet takes several forms. E-mail, chat, panel boards, scraps, and above all blogs. Blog is an online diary. This is made visible to all and covers many topics of varied interest. Every human being wants to develop writing skill and by publishing their blogs on the internet they develop a sense of creativity, enabling them to improve blogging.

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