Thursday, May 14, 2009

On-line Behavior

The time spent on-line by the net users gradually goes on increasing. Since the presence of unexplored websites ignites the users natural curiosity and encourage the search for information. It motivates insatiable search which may cause some type of compulsive behavior. The outcome is generally the increased feelings of loneliness and depression (Kraut, et, al, 1998). The online behavior start showing dependency of cyberspace and manifests withdrawal symptoms as well. There is no difference in the online. Student or Proffessor, whoever it is having the equal footing on the net. If it is online the behavior also can change. Some people wants to hide their identity. I read one article. It says the close friend of one student cheated her through internet. If it is a student he wants to act as a teacher in the online. like that some individuals are acting as opposite people or hiding their originality or showing different personality from their nature. Psychologists says there are some psychological factors behind these type of online behavior.


Joe said...

It's true, especially blogging has become an obsession for many these days.

Hope we all do it with a bit of restraint and attend to the real people on earth too!

நிழல் said...

can you tell what is the psychology of the persons who are faking themselves on net and chatting ?? i always wanted to know about this.. atlast i found out one..

Anonymous said...

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